Clients and Territory

Relationship with our clients and the territory also through technology, is an investment in order to create sustainable value.

In relations with clients, we work hard to act in accordance with the criteria of proactiveness, courtesy, transparency, collaboration and willingness to listen, providing adequate, complete and timely information in order to establish a reciprocal and mutually beneficial long-lasting relationship.

Key Figures

as at December 2020

€ 108 billion

Loans to people and real economy

€ 5 billion

for sustainable investments between 2020 and 2023

€ 18 billion

Asset managed in accordance with ESG/SRI criteria


Listening to people and businesses and a careful complaint management system represent an essential tool for gaining a deeper understanding of needs, and monitoring and improving our relationship with our clients.

This relationship consists of:

  • a commercial model that ensures regional proximity and high levels of service and synergy between physical and digital security;
  • financial products that meet various needs, as well as non-financial services and initiatives that reflect the interests of the territory;
  • sustainable credit management that combine corporate objectives and risk management, as well as measures to support people and companies in difficulty.

Take a look at our COMMERCIAL MODEL:

4 Webank virtual branches


To provide quality service to all clients, Banca Aletti, which specialises in private banking within the Group, has created a division to support the entire network in order to guarantee the provision of advanced consultancy services tailored to individual needs.

Regarding investment opportunities we offer, we pay particular attention to financial products managed according to ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria, which are able to direct savings towards activities that generate positive impacts for society.


Thanks to the close collaboration between Banca Akros and the Bank’s Corporate Division, we are able to be the partner of reference for businesses, particularly mid-caps, supporting their growth in Italy and abroad.

That is why we also offer managerial development pathways and not merely financial and market assistance.


Our “Digital Omnichannel Transformation” (.DOT) project aims to develop and implement increasingly innovative digital services and solutions. We developed this important project by engaging with our stakeholders right from the planning stage, all the through to the release and testing stages.

The .DOT project faces the challenge of the digital transformation by addressing the development of customer services from an omnichannel perspective, of digital platforms and of the operating model.
The pervasive spread of digital culture and a new way of smart working represent the core aspects of this project.



The protection and optimisation of savings and the promotion of financial literacy are activities with a profound social impact.



We believe that participation in important networks and high-level training are fundamental drivers of company growth.


For us, to be community bank means supporting the community through the realization of concrete projects that respond to local requests and needs