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The social and economic crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic was a major impetus for the European Union to launch NextGenerationEU (NGEU), a major programme of interventions aimed at empowering European countries to face the challenges of the near future, with a budget of €750 billion, of which €390 billion is non-reimbursable. Italy has €191.5 billion available (of which €68.9 billion in grants) – the so-called ‘Recovery and Resilience Facility’ – for deployment between 2021 and 2026 through the implementation of the NRRP, whose action lines are accompanied by a strategy of reforms to strengthen the country’s equity, efficiency and competitiveness.

To accompany this important programme and take full advantage of its opportunities, we have created a specialised team operating on two main fronts – awareness and commercial action – with the following objectives:



  • Delivering NRRP-related training for the Corporate, Enterprise, CPT Entities, PA, Third Sector commercial networks. All the networks were involved in 2022 for a total of eight dedicated training sessions and focuses fin support of specific business initiatives, also making use of the synergistic support of the Facilitated Finance and Agriculture Specialists.
  • Information and communication within the Group. In 2022, we published 52 weekly newsletters containing the most important regulatory news; we set up the intranet site Spazio PNRR 2.0 as a container for NRRP-related materials, with approximately 1,500 hits per month.
  • Creating local awareness. The magazine of the commercial website had thematic, in-depth articles in 2022 (with references for supporting financing products); seven interventions took place in the meetings of the respective Local Committees, and three press campaign initiatives. We also participated in local events in partnership with universities, trade associations and national newspapers.



  • Communicating the most relevant opportunities to customers by monitoring and analysing interventions and tenders.
  • Defining commercial initiatives (content, timing and target group) in the different areas of the NRRP; implemented nine commercial initiatives involving over 10,500 client companies and carried out 69 meetings with large customers in the framework of the ‘Impact Programme’.
  • Supplementing and enhancing the commercial offer through advance payments of contributions or supply credits to the PA, financing investments not covered by contributions or further related investments, dedicated bank guarantees, issuing ‘bank reference’ letters and declarations of financial capacity. In this context, we signed the Convention with the Ministry of Tourism, ABI and CDP to support tourism enterprises and the Convention with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and CDP to promote supply chain contracts. We have also allocated €2 billion for agribusiness and agro-industry and forged partnerships for companies to seize market development opportunities.