Banco BPM Group

A widespread network at the service of families and businesses, recognized brands and a deep knowledge of the market are the basis of the strength of Banco BPM, active in various areas of the banking sector (private banking, investment banking, asset management, bank assurance), also through the Group’s investee companies.


On 1rd January 2017 two large banks are merged: Banco Popolare and Banca Popolare di Milano are transformed into S.p.A.


A solid, profitable and reliable reality is born:
the Banco BPM Group.

The third largest banking group in the country, with 22,000 employees, 1,700 branches, 4 million customers and a presence rooted in the regions of Northern Italy, among those with the highest industrial concentration in Europe.

Son of the tradition of popular banks,
the Group Banco BPM creates sustainable development in the territories in which it operates and increasing profitability for its shareholders.

Together with customers, shareholders and stakeholders,
the Banco BPM Group
focuses on
own people
and their skills,
enhanced by constant training.

We support customers
  • Creating a network of relationships
  • Guiding them towards informed choices
  • Promoting the internationalization of businesses
  • Protecting data and privacy
We value our employees
  • Investing in their training
  • Involving them in the corporate culture
  • Developing better welfare
We support territory and the environment
  • Actively contributing to its development
  • Reducing the environmental impact
We promote integrity
  • With serious and correct principles of behavior
  • Maintaining relationships with high profile suppliers