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Mission and Identity

We embrace the interests and values ​​of stakeholders: shareholders, customers, collaborators and the entire community of reference, expressing, in continuity with the history and tradition of the Group, the vocation to support the territory and the centrality of people.

Our commitment to innovation

 Innovation is the answer we offer to the changing expectations of stakeholders. We review processes, products and services to improve the environment and society.

We work for general and sustainable innovation that will benefit the entire country system.

We have introduced innovative products, services and processes relating to different organizational structures. We have simplified various processes and allowed remote operations. We had the opportunity to test and develop a new way to work using technological tools and platforms.

We have extended Banco BPM’s offer through increasingly innovative and sustainable products, correlating the logic of business and credit with the pursuit of ESG objectives and targets.

Awarded for innovation in banking services

ABI awarded Banco BPM during the 11th edition of their competition. The prize theme was about the offer of mortgages with the Green Factor. Customers got a discount on the interest rate for building renovations. The goal of the product is to improve the energy performance of the building by reducing consumption and CO2 emissions.

Banco BPM Strategic Plan 2021-2024

In November 2021 we presented our new strategic plan “Generating value in a new growth oriented context”

Our 2024 Plan is based on three strong Pillars, supported by a comprehensive set of infrastructure initiatives.

The pillars’s Plan are:

  • A new digital-driven service model…
  • … enabling sustained core business growth
  • … leveraging on effective product factories

Supported by 3 foundation stones

  • Robust Balance Sheet, Asset Quality fully under control
  • People, processes & systems as key infrastructural enablers
  • ESG-integrated business model


The mission of Banco BPM dictates the identity of the Group: a bank that wants to grow and develop but to remain tied and attentive to the reality of the territory, close to people, businesses and the non-profit world.


We work to provide customers with the best possible service , operating in a correct and transparent manner for the country development and sustainable value creation over time.


Our growth project is based on commitment and responsibility , maintaining adequate capital solidity and profitability, while respecting the commitment to shareholders .


We are aware of the enormous value of our staff, which we support in the daily commitment to realize the Group’s objectives and in professional growth.


In the wake of tradition, we continue to support initiatives useful for the social and environmental development of the reference territories.

To get more details about sharing and promoting the values ​​and identity of the Group, discover our projects and initiatives.