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People and Values

The centrality of people, with their uniqueness, is one of our Group’s value pillars.

The guiding principle of the centrality of the person for us is Respect, a value with which we have shaped our People Strategy, which is one of the seven pillars of our Business Plan.

People Strategy involves focusing the business strategy on people by valuing their skills, experience, potential, and professional aspirations.

Our people strategy focuses on change management initiatives, women’s empowerment and customised career development paths. We do this to foster relationships, generational change and support sustainable and inclusive styles, which we do through:

  • development of initiatives to foster the dissemination of a culture of respect and inclusion
  • personalised growth programmes, with a focus on managerial development
  • creation of an Academy to add value to professional growth paths and implement reskilling initiatives.
  • evolution and implementation of smart working
  • new hires to ensure generational change



Growth and Development

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