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Supporting the social fabric of the regions in which we operate is  key commitment that we pursue through various types of initiatives, such as providing financial support, sharing resources and entering into partnerships.

We believe that transparent dialogue is crucial, not only with our stakeholders, but with all parties, especially those who represent their regions and the local communities they belong to, social and cultural institutions and religious organisations, in order to ensure that the communication channels always stay open so we are able to understand their needs.

from the Banco BPM Group’s Code of Ethics

Key Figures

as at December 2023

€ 5.8 million
for donations and sponsorships for ESG projects

2022: about € 4.6 Mln*

people involved in financial education and ESG awareness

2022: over 6,700 people

suppliers, 99% of the turnover in Italy

2022: over 1,500 suppliers, 99% of the turnover in Italy


  • 166 social initiatives for local communities, schools and students
  • about 3,000 hours of corporate volunteering
  • about 19,500 artworks in our artistic heritage, 66 restored
  • over 6,600 hours of financial awareness and ESG education meetings for customers, new generations, businesses and other stakeholders

* Includes the extraordinary contribution dedicated to the Covid-19 emergency


We engage with the regions in many areas:

Art and Culture – by sponsoring projects for schools, theatre and music seasons and shows, literary, philosophical and poetry festivals, art exhibitions and initiatives aimed at enhancing the artistic and cultural heritage of our country;

Education and Training – with financial education and literacy lessons for children and adults, initiatives dedicated to providing careers advice and training to young Italians and foreign nationals, the awarding of scholarships, help to refurbish or provide adequate school equipment, teaching and business experiences for undergraduates;

Research and Health – via the launch of partnerships which contribute to expanding scientific knowledge. One example is our partnership with the AIRC Foundation for cancer research, supporting organisations active in providing healthcare, even in sectors which are not covered by the public health service, and purchasing medical equipment for hospitals and treatment centres;

Social and Charity – by supporting non-profit associations that are actively fighting poverty and hunger, providing accommodation and working in disadvantaged situations in general, like Caritas and Banco Alimentare. We also collaborate on projects to restore socially important assets, such as Casa Chiaravalle, a property that was confiscated from the Mafia and which currently houses Italians and foreign nationals who find themselves in difficulty;

Sports – by supporting organizations that work to spread the values of sport amongst young people and people with disabilities;

Environment and Regions – with activities and initiatives which promote environmental protection, regional identity and produce/products, and landscape improvement.

The support we provide to the community, through sponsorships and charity, is accompanied by the sharing of skills, knowledge, real estate and artistic resources.

Our focus on regional organizations was also put into action through Volontariamo, our corporate volunteering project.




We are especially focused on supporting and implementing education-related projects.



We are committed to projects that improve people’s quality of life, both by launching our own projects and by working with experienced partners.



One way of contributing to the social development of the country is the promotion of volunteering and the commitment to the growth of non-profit organisations.