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Research and Health

The pandemic emergency has further strengthened the importance of investment in research and people’s health.


The scientific research progress that AIRC has been promoting and supporting for over 50 years found its biggest supporter in Banco BPM, which is convinced of the value it brings to the community and the development of the country.

That is why we work alongside AIRC as an institutional fundraising partner to support scientific research and to disseminate correct information on cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.


We support AVIS in promoting blood donation and a healthy lifestyle through a unique form of collaboration.
Beginning in 2015, blood donation within the company, during working hours, has continued to increase year after year in terms of the number of days, branches involved, donors and blood bags collected.
This initiative has created a virtuous circle of collective and personal responsibility.

In particular, over the past few years, due to the shortage of blood caused by the pandemic emergency, support for blood collection has been intensified by launching a national campaign that has involved all employees of the Group, providing all necessary information to facilitate donations at their nearest AVIS center.