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Green Social & Sustainability Bonds Framework

In order to collect financial resources to be used to finance sustainable, green and social initiatives, we have created the Group’s “Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds Framework”.

The Green Social & Sustainability Bonds Framework, set up according to the market principles established by ICMA (International Capital Market Association), contains the details of the categories and criteria for the selection of “green” and “social” assets as well as the management of proceeds collected from the issue of green, social and sustainable bonds .

We published our new Green, Social & Sustainability Bonds Framework 2023


Banco BPM published on 7th November its new Green, Social & Sustainability Bonds Framework after the inaugural Green, Social & Sustainability Bond Framework published in July 2021.
The development of the Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds Framework is fully complementary with Banco BPM commitment and strategy to address climate change and to provide a positive social outcome in its business conduct.
The Framework has been updated according to the latest market standards: ICMA’s Green Bond Principles (June 2021 with June 2022 appendix), ICMA’s Social Bond Principles (June 2023), ICMA’s Sustainability Bond Guidelines (June 2021) and the EU Green Taxonomy.
The aim of the 2023 update is to be aligned with best market practices, cover a broader range of its activities and include European taxonomy alignment for some eligible assets.
European taxonomy alignment covers Real Estate activities, Renewable Energy and Manufacture of organic basic chemicals.



For the Final Terms and Termsheets of the various EMTN and Covered Bond issues made within the Green Social & Sustainability Bonds Framework, please refer to the Financial Instruments section.