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Code of Ethics, Guidelines and Governance

The application of our Code of Ethics combined with an effective Governance system allows us to integrate Sustainability in the Group’s business model.

We have created important units: the Sustainability Committee at board level, the ESG Committee at executive level and the corporate Sustainability structure. They work together to stimulate and improve all activities, defined in our Sustainability Strategy, including the implementation of Policies on the various ESG aspects, the strengthening of the integration of ESG objectives in the incentive plans of Top management and the realization of a framework for issuing green, social and sustainable bonds.




The Code of Ethics identifies the principles and values that
underpin our corporate culture and inspire the daily actions of
everyone in our team.
The document states that the Group and all of those that operate with us are committed to respecting human rights, job protection, and the fight against corruption, organised crime and terrorism.



The Group’s sustainability is monitored by the Board of Directors which defines the management and coordination policies regarding non-financial disclosure, the socio-environmental policies and approves annually the Consolidated non-financial statement and the associated materiality analysis.



Internal board committee that supervises the Bank’s sustainability objectives, in coordination with the Internal Control and Risks Committee.



Established by the Board of Directors, the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Managerial Committee is chaired by the Chief Executive Officer and counts two Joint General Managers among its permanent members.
Its main tasks include evaluating the Group’s positioning and coordinating all the activities required to achieve the strategic sustainability objectives.



It assists the ESG Committee and oversees the definition of the relevant themes and the monitoring of sustainability indicators. It also evaluates the sustainability impacts stemming from the Group’s initiatives and provides support to the corporate structures. It drafts the Consolidated non-financial statement and promotes sharing of the ESG culture within and outside the Group.



The main contacts on sustainability issues within the various corporate structures and share the main issues to be addressed with the sustainability structure.

Guidelines and commitments

In order to operate in full transparency, we publish the guidelines and commitments that govern our business and corporate operations and which have been developed according to the principles defined in the Code of Ethics, which is the milestone of our governance system.