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An ongoing commitment

Every day, we contribute to the sustainable growth of Italy, not only through our core business, but also through initiatives with significant economic, social and environmental impact and through responsible personnel management.

For us at Banco BPM, sustainability is a concrete commitment that guides us so that our development is durable over time and compatible with external conditions. We want to create value according to principles shared with all our stakeholders: not only for shareholders but also for the community, with sustainable development goals such as those outlined by the UN in the Sustainable Development Goals.
In fact, only a balanced economic and social development can foster the sustainable growth of an organization.

Banco BPM joins the Energy Efficiency Mortgages Label (EEML) Project

The EEM Label is a clear and transparent quality label for consumers and investors, aimed at identifying Energy Efficient Mortgages with a focus on building energy performance.
The EEML is intended to increase private financial system support for the NextGenerationEU, the EU Renovation Wave Strategy and the EU Green Deal.