We have chosen to invest in the development of our personnel and involve them in order to safeguard the quality of their work and employment.

The respect of the identity and dignity of every employee is essential to the development of a working environment based on mutual trust and loyalty. A positive working climate is promoted, prizing individuality and interpersonal relations and promoting a strong sense of belonging and team spirit.

Key Figures

as at December 2019


people hired on permanent contracts

1.3 milion

hours of training


people had access to the 209 welfare plan


We are about 22,000 permanent employees, with a medium-high age and level of study.

We believe that training is a fundamental driver to accompany the development of our people and of the organisation, especially in complex scenarios. Professional development is accompanied by a focus on wellbeing and involvement, integral components of the Group’s new People Strategy, which places people at the centre of business growth.

Diversity is an essential value at all levels: every person brings something extra with their characteristics, enhancing dialogue and cohesion between colleagues. In fact, it is of huge importance for us, so much so that in the banking and financial services sector we are the 3rd Italian bank and the 23rd in Europe according to the list drawn up by the Financial Times.


We have implemented many initiatives to involve our colleagues, bolster our company culture, improve well-being and generate new ideas: Brand Ambassadors, road shows, team building events, lunches with the CEO, recreational events, pathways to create a healthy workplace culture through the W@W – Wellbeing at Work – project and corporate volunteering.

For our employees and their families, we are constantly enhancing our welfare system in response to many needs in the healthcare, social security, insurance, recreational and financial areas, and we encourage a good work-life balance through tools like smart working.

Our projects


We offer our employees a comprehensive welfare system.


A team of people has been set up to spread the company’s values.


Volontariamo is the Banco BPM Group’s corporate volunteering project.