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The enhancement of human capital, inclusion, well-being and the involvement of our people are essential elements for us to create sustainable value.

We firmly believe that respect for the personality and dignity of each person is fundamental to developing an inclusive and cohesive working environment that benefits from diversity and stimulates personal growth in a context of mutual trust, respect, tolerance and loyalty.

from the Banco BPM Group’s Code of Ethics

Key Figures

as at December 2023

people, almost all with a permanent contract

2022: over 20,00

of women in managerial positions

2022: 26%

hours of average training per person with an investment of over € 8 Mln

2022: 55 hours of average training per person with an investment of over € 7 Mln


  • about half of new hires are women
  • about 5,600 people in agile work mode
  • 100 ESG Ambassador


People are at the center of our business strategy, we recognize their value as a primary resource, precious for the continuous development of the company. Through listening, dialogue, and the valorisation of skills possessed, experiences gained, potential and professional aspirations, we plan personalized growth paths, in line with individual characteristics and company needs.

We are a Group with over 19,700 employees, almost all with permanent contracts, with an average age of 49 years and an average length of service of approximately 23 years. Around 3 out of 5 people work in the commercial network.

We believe in continuous improvement and support our people in their professional development path, since they join the Group.

Development programs accompany people on a path of initiatives and experiences that enhance their skills and enhance their talent, involving them in empowerment paths.

To promote and support the inclusion of various forms of diversity and, in line with the Group’s ESG strategy, we have established the Inclusion, Diversity and Social structure to enrich our People Strategy and support the objectives of the 2030 Agenda.

We work to enhance female talent, with a deep commitment to gender equality and we encourage talent, supporting their professional growth.


Professional development is accompanied by attention to well-being and involvement, integral components of our People Strategy.

We implement various initiatives to involve people, strengthen corporate culture, improve well-being and generate new ideas: ESG Ambassador, recreational moments, paths to create a culture of well-being with the W@W – Wellbeing at Work and OSA – Objective Health project Environment – and corporate volunteering.

For our people and their families we have developed a solid and inclusive welfare system in response to the multiple needs in the health, social security, insurance, recreational and economic fields and we promote work-life balance through tools such as smart working.



We offer our people an attractive welfare system that includes the areas of health, safety, welfare, family and leisure.


A team of people  representing the focal point for ESG issues and supporting sustainability activities within their company areas.


Volontariamo is the Banco BPM Group’s corporate volunteering project.