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Our integrated Welfare system

The set of social benefits represents the core of our welfare model that aims to increase the well-being of our people.



Coverage of medical expenses for around 65,000 people for current employees, those on redundancy and retired and extended to their dependent family members.
Supplementary pension with company contribution (about 25,000 positions managed) and pension supplement (over 4,000 retired former employees).
Insurance policies with coverage of work and non-work accidents and disability due to illness.
W@W – Well-being at Work project to promote and disseminate healthy and sustainable lifestyles.
Disability management for the valorisation of the merit, skills and aptitudes of people with disabilities at every stage of working life, starting with selection interviews to promote their inclusion in the workforce.
Personal listening service through support activities and psychological counselling, particularly for anyone experiencing a difficult time.



Work-life balance: possibility to work remotely for a total of about 5,700 people , alternating between in-office days and remote work. In addition, over 3,400 people use part-time work.
Parenthood: the ‘Welcome Back Mom’ project involved about 100 new mothers returning to work after maternity-related absence.
Initiatives for employees’ children: company crèche, dedicated recreational moments, summer stays for employees’ children aged between 6 and 16.
Incentives to study for employees and their children through contributions that increase as their marks improve.
Agreements and favourable conditions for the purchase of goods and services and participation in events also through CRAL (company recreation groups) and the Welfare Plan.
Banking and insurance services at favourable conditions for employees and family members.


In line with the provisions of the Code of Ethics, the guidelines on workplace health and safety and the international standards by which they are inspired, the protection of people’s health and safety and well-being in the workplace are values that guides the Group’s choices.
Thanks to the continuous investment in this sense, in 2022 we confirmed the certification to the international standard UNI ISO 45001: 2018 for the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (SGSSL), with reference to all employees and buildings functional to activities of Banco BPM, Banca Akros, Banca Aletti, Aletti Fiduciaria, and Tecmarket Servizi.