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In 2022, the growth of online transactions continued in the private and corporate sector, in particular the steady growth of the mobile share in the online total, also thanks to the gradual spread of the new app.

The release of the new private app that began in 2020 was completed in 2022, enriched with new services and functions.
The major developments released during 2022 include:

  • signature room for signing remote contractual documentation;
  • use of biometric recognition (Face ID and biometrics) for signing contracts for products and services;
  • remote appointment scheduling;
  • collection of privacy consents in self, before making an appointment for remote financial counselling;
  • Personal Financial Management (PFM) to enable private clients to optimise their financial management;
  • progressive enrichment of the catalogue of products and services available in SELF and SRO mode and digitalisation of cards with the most modern payment wallets;
  • improved virtual and voice assistant and artificial intelligence;
  • activation of the payment account aggregation service for private customers (AISP).