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Shareholder-Director Engagement Policy

This section is dedicated to Banco BPM’s Shareholder-Director Engagement Policy, which aims at defining the ways and characteristics of the direct dialogue between the shareholders of Banco BPM and the Board of Directors (or its members), in line with the provisions set forth in (i) the Bank of Italy Circular No. 285 of 17 December 2013, (ii) the Directive (EU) 2017/828 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2017 and (iii) the recommendations contained in this regard in the Italian Corporate Governance Code, together with (iv) the current regulatory framework on information parity and market abuse.

It is noted that the Shareholder-Director Engagement (i.e. the direct dialogue between shareholders and the BoD) represents a further and additional mode of dialogue with respect to the ordinary ways of engagement, which are not governed by the Policy included in this section and through which, more generally, the Bank, interacts ordinarily and on an ongoing basis  with its shareholders, investors and the financial community through the competent corporate functions. Within this ordinary dialogue, institutional counterparties can refer to the Investor Relations department, whilst retail shareholders can contact the Secretary and Corporate Affairs department.

Shareholders who need to bring their dialogue to the Board level of Banco BPM can find information regarding this kind of engagement in the following Policy document, reference to which is made here below:


Please find here below the contacts of the Focal Point to which any requests of Shareholder-Director Engagement are to be addressed according to the criteria and in the ways described in the above-indicated Policy:


Physical address: Banco BPM S.p.A., Affari Societari di Gruppo, Piazza Filippo Meda, 4 – 20121 Milan (Italy).