Comprehensive Corporate Welfare

The quality of the relationship between a company and its employees depends on the ability to offer services and benefits able to generate value for colleagues and their families.
We focus on: Health, Peace of Mind, Family and Free Time.



Supplementary Health Insurance for about 75,000 people amongst current employees, workers who have been made redundant and retired workers, as well as their dependent family members.

Supplementary pension arrangements with company contribution (approx. 26,000 positions managed).

Insurance policies for accidents at work and out of work and in the event of invalidity following an illness.

W@W Project: education on physical and mental health with a dedicated intranet section, updated offer for company canteens in Milan and several break areas, training (700 people involved).

Psychological support for people with disabilities (72 sessions), with personal and work-related difficulties (230 sessions) or involved in robberies (44 sessions).

Promotion of sport through the Milan Fitness Centre (frequented by over 350 employees) and arrangements with specialist centres throughout the country through the Welfare Plan.



Work Life balance: smart working (over 700 employees can work 2 days a week from home or the branch), part time (3,470 people), flexibility of working hours, voluntary suspension from work paid at 40% and parenthood arrangements.

Parenthood: company crèche in Milan (hosting 72 children, also offers English language teaching and pedagogical support for parents) and in Lodi, and dedicated recreational schemes (including the Jingle Bank which involved 4,500 children of employees), summer camps for the children of employees aged between 6 and 16 (around 1,250 children involved).

Incentives to study for employees and their children through contributions that increase as the outcomes improve.

Conventions and favourable conditions for the purchase of goods and services also through CRAL (company recreation groups) and the Welfare Plan.

Banking and insurance services at favourable conditions for employees and family members.

Protection of colleagues health and safety through the monitoring, management and prevention of work-related risks.

In 2019, over 1,500 employees underwent health check-ups and over 12,600 were involved in training courses (64,600 training hours), that focused on work-related stress, which was also the subject of an internal survey and assessment together with management, doctors, employees and their representatives.