Comprehensive Corporate Welfare

The quality of the relationship between a company and its employees depends on the ability to offer services and benefits able to generate value for employees and their families.
We focus on: Health, Future Peace of Mind, Rewards and Benefits, Family and Free Time.



Supplementary Health Insurance for current employees, workers who have been made redundant and retired workers, as well as their dependent family members.

The W@W Project to promote health and well-being through training and awareness-raising initiatives focused on healthy lifestyles.

Psychological support for employees, offered on request, in response to traumatic events, as well as to persons with disabilities.

Company gym at the Milan office, open to employees.



Optional pension fund with a contribution paid by the Group.

Insurance policies for injuries at or outside work, critical illness and disability.



Company bonus for non-executive employees, linked to positive performance, delivered through a figurative monetary amount that can be used to purchase goods and services in certain fields (education, mobility, free time, support, etc.).

Banking and insurance services at favourable conditions.



Work-life balance initiatives, such as part-time work (adopted by 3,400 employees in 2018), smart working (used by 250 employees in 2018 for two days a week), partially paid leave of absence and parental support programmes.

Company crèche in Milan and Lodi.

CRAL (company recreation groups) that offer members and their relatives access to goods and services at favourable rates, as well as cultural, theatrical, artistic, sporting and tourism activities.

Social integration activities in the region.

Summer schools for employees’ children aged between 6 and 16.

Protection of employee health and safety through the monitoring, management and prevention of work-related risks.

In 2018, check-ups were provided to over 2,000 at-risk employees working at screen terminals and during night-time hours. These controls were accompanied by training activities that involved over 6,300 employees over almost 36,000 hours of training.