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Energy management and Corporate mobility

Using only electricity entirely produced from certified renewable sources, we avoided the emission of around 30,465 tonnes of CO2 equivalent into the environment.

2021 saw the completion of the new Energy & Environmental management portal. Using automated machine learning, this tool helps to monitor and achieve energy and environmental targets. Its use has made it possible to identify more than 100 branches with abnormal consumption and involve suppliers to identify the solutions to be adopted.

With the aim of reducing our environmental footprint and contributing to the development of sustainable cities, we are also transforming corporate mobility. In line with the objectives of the Strategic Plan and company policies, we bolstered our listening to colleagues on the subject of home-work commutes.

To raise awareness of this issue among employees, we have enhanced the mobility management portal, adding further agreements in the areas of sharing mobility and public transport, and ensuring the timely publication of news of interest and useful information relating to the world of mobility.