Corporate mobility

In 2019, the Mobility Manager was appointed within HR department to create and implement mobility strategies for the whole Group.

This activity is accompanied by the Fleet Manager, who continues with the process of renewing the company car fleet, replacing almost 50% of it by introducing new vehicles (all euro 6B), of which some hybrid and plug-in cars (column battery charging).

In addition, the incentive for the use of carpooling, through a special App to book and share the car between colleagues in the movements between the various Group offices, has encouraged over 10,000 shared trips in the last year.

Furthermore, the strengthening of the video conferencing system, which has brought the video communication-tools to over 1,600 workstations, has made it possible to activate about 21,000 connections, thanks also to a company culture that is oriented, also in the management of meetings, towards more sustainable choices.

With this in mind, the implementation of the smart-working mode continues, allowing an increasing number of colleagues (1,000 in 2019) to be able to work two days a week from home, improving work-life balance and reducing CO2 emissions.