Corporate mobility

In 2020 we continued to invest in sustainable mobility. The Mobility Manager is responsible for consolidating and optimizing mobility strategies for the entire Group.

The pandemic has inevitably had a huge impact on the issue of corporate mobility. Carpooling initiatives fell by 63% compared to 2019, as did the use of the company fleet.

Despite this, the renewal of the car fleet continued through the progressive introduction of new Plug-in and Mild Hybrid Electric vehicles.

From this perspective, however, we underline how the extensive use of smart-working, which involved over 7,000 colleagues in 2020, resulted in a reduction in travel and can only have a positive impact on the reduction of CO2 emissions.

The needs of the pandemic have also led to a strong expansion of the videoconferencing and remote communication system. The innovative Microsoft Teams communication system was added to the traditional system of 165 rooms equipped for videoconferencing, which again this year allowed the organization of about 17,000 remote events. The use of the platform has seen constant growth in 2020, going from approximately 2,600 meetings and 19,500 one-to-one calls per week in the first months, to 6,100 meetings and 20,500 one-to-one calls per week in the last quarter.