We want to help protect the environment by reducing the impact of our activities and supporting the green choices of our clients.

We are conscious of the need to protect the environment as a primary asset. To this end, we focus our decisions, including during the procurement process, on ensuring compatibility between financial initiatives and environmental protection in accordance with current legislation


as at December 2019


of the electricity consumed is produced from certified renewable sources


of the A4 paper used is recycled and FSC


of the company fleet replaced with 6B euro vehicles


Over the years, we have implemented continuous improvements in the management of our environmental impact, aware of the role that a company of our size plays.

In 2019, we participated in the Carbon Disclosure Project, which through an international measurement and accounting system, enabled us to assess our environmental footprint achieving a very positive result (CDP score B).

During the same year, the Group started the necessary activities for the adoption of ISO compliant and certified Management Systems, and for an integrated Health & Safety, Energy and Environment system.

In fact, our commitment can be seen both in internal processes and strategies and through our actions aimed at our clients, as we are aware of the role that we can play in our clients’ green choices.

For many years now almost 100% of our supply of electricity has come exclusively from certified renewable sources, also thanks to the consolidated relationship with suppliers able to guarantee the quality of their energy portfolio through the “Guarantee of origin” (GO) certification.

We have supported our clients’ green choices by launching specific commercial initiatives such as the green building mortgage, to fund non-residential properties built according to green building criteria, and the energy efficiency loan, to fund apartment buildings carrying out renovations and redevelopment works for energy efficiency.

We are also involved in the European Energy Efficient Mortgages Action Plan (EeMAP), which aims to reduce environmental impact through credit for existing and/or new buildings where there is evidence for improved energy performance.


The reduction of our environmental footprint is pursued every day, both by improving internal processes and decisions, as well as supporting the green choices of our clients.


Team formed within the Group, aimed at identifying improvement solutions in terms of environmental sustainability.


We have implemented various solutions to reduce our environmental footprint, from car pooling to launching video conferencing, in order to reduce our employees’ movements.


We are committed to various solutions, including the use of certified paper and the reduction of consumables.