Management and Finance Pathways for Businesses

We have set up projects and partnerships that aim to encourage dialogue between businesses and a wider ranging approach. Specifically, we would like to mention the “Lean Thinking” and Elite projects.


Lean Thinking

This project was developed thanks to a partnership with the “ICRIOS” Research Centre and Bocconi University in Milan. Our focus on “Lean Thinking” aims to foster organisational and managerial innovation within companies through the diffusion of a “lean” management model.

The adoption of a “lean” approach promotes the rationalisation of resources and company processes through experimentation and the progressive streamlining of business dynamics, not only in terms of production, with the relative improvement in performance.

That is why we have involved a cross-section of companies, which are our clients, that work in various sectors and have adopted this approach.


The Elite project, on the other hand, is a training course for companies, spanning two years (2017-2019) and was developed in partnership with the Italian Stock Exchange and in collaboration with Banca Akros. The aim of the project is to support our business clients by providing financial skills that will help bring their growth and development projects to fruition.

We offer companies access to an international network. We provide financial skills on the availability of various funding sources through a dedicated training programme. We promote partnerships through the creation of useful contacts between companies and investors.