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Growth paths for Businesses

We have launched projects and partnerships that aim to stimulate dialogue between companies and a wide-ranging look.

During 2020, with the aim of facilitating the transition of our companies towards a sustainable business model, we announced the allocation of € 5 billion for “Sustainable Investments 2020-2023”, planning the enhancement of company best practices and the promotion of a culture of sustainable finance.

For companies that operate or intend to operate abroad, BANCO BPM TRADE WORLD was created, the new hub that brings together the You World, You Lounge and The Trade Club platforms which, together with the You Trade Finance portal, allow our companies to take advantage of a wide range of information, services and networks essential for business abroad.

We believe it is essential to accompany the growth of companies also with training courses capable of encouraging the development of technical-managerial skills capable of increasing their competitiveness and the ability to manage risks, seizing market opportunities and overcoming periods of crisis.

In June 2021, the third-class Banca Akros and BANCO BPM ELITE Lounge were launched, which saw the participation of many companies from different regions and sectors in a highly educational path.
The objective is to accompany the transformation of the growth vision into sustainable strategic plans and concrete results by accelerating their development potential, enhancing their ESG projects and facilitating their approach to the available forms of funding, including capital markets, public and private.