Financial Literacy

The “Financial Literacy” project is an initiative that aims to encourage dialogue about the most important financial issues.

For the project, a survey was launched on a representative sample of the Italian population, with an in-depth analysis of the Group’s clients to understand their thinking and needs.

We organise various workshops in our branches and many events in schools, in partnership with FEDUF (the Foundation for Financial Education and Savings Plans), with the aim of spreading information on financial issues, even complex ones, thereby making adults aware of the resulting choices and providing children and students with the basic tools for the future.

During the workshops, issues discussed include family finances, savings, mortgages, loans, social security and pensions, as well as bitcoin, MIFID and crowdfunding.

Furthermore, during 2019, a task force was created that includes around 50 “geolocalised” Brand Ambassadors with communication skills and expertise on economic and financial topics to act as external speakers and teachers in the financial education and awareness activities promoted by Banco BPM in its branches and in schools (primary, first and second level secondary schools).


Lauched in 2018, the Financial Literacy project saw: