Financial Literacy

The “Financial Literacy” project is an initiative that aims to encourage dialogue about the most important financial issues. Starting from a survey on a rapresentative sample of the italian population and after an in-depth analysis with our customers, we have created a path of financial awareness through various workshops in our branches and school with the aim of spreading information on financial issues, even complex ones, thereby making adults aware of the resulting choices and providing children and students with the basic tools for the future.

In particular, 36 financial awareness events (of which 31 in webinar mode) were carried out by Webank, with the participation of financial specialists, in favor of customers, but also open to the community, dedicated to the in-depth analysis of financial markets and related mechanisms that regulate them.
A cycle of thematic webinars has been created on stereotypes and gender differences related to money management and the understanding of the gap between men and women, with respect to the economic and financial field but also with respect to the study of STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

Lauched in 2018, the Financial Literacy project saw: